Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer II: bouncy!

"bouncy, bouncy, ooh such a good time! bouncy, bouncy, somersault summertime!" - The Mighty Boosh

yes it was time i made one of these, it's too jolly and happy in the atmosphere to refuse a jumping photoshoot. in summer I: standard i gave you the down low on the outfit, the standard stuff, the standard poses, so i won't go into that.

since i am a one man band for the shop, the poses can get tedious, repetitive, tiring... so it was refreshing and awakening to use other muscles in my body for more acrobatic-like poses. i might try to take it to the next level on another shoot.

like in the episode of Howards birthday in 'The Mighty Boosh' i wish i had a bouncy castle so i can get down to some serious jumping and get some grade A poses. how cool would that be!

my favourite photos of this lot is the first two, the first one i look like i just casually elevated myself, and the second... god i have no words... my hair says it all!

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