Saturday, May 5, 2012

from hawaii with love

sometimes certain outfits call for a certain place, a certain environment, as if to fulfill it's identity or purpose in some way. and this is the case with this outfit, it was just going to be your regular blouse snap shot but one thing led to the other and the next thing i knew, rather i felt, was very resort chic, free, bright and beaming! but then i remembered i was only in a room and the outfit felt unjustified, the outfit wanted to be in Hawaii, the outfit wanted to sit at the pool side while drinking a cocktail or stroll in and out of the boutiques and shops in Waikiki, and smoke a cigarette while watching the sunset.

how cruel am I, how cruel am I!

the outfit would write me a postcard saying "from Hawaii with love"

blouse - coming soon to eOvú
bow & shorts - American Apparel
wedges - Melissa

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