Monday, May 7, 2012

the shop - new & revisited

so May is in full force and hopefully lots of new items will be gracing the shop. i'll be doing a massive hunt tomorrow so brace yourselves! the lovely hawaiian floral top is now available for purchase, and i've revisited some old items. i've given them a fresh look and fresh photos, like this velvet paisley jacket and a few others.
updates and fresh photos has only been the continuation of what i've been up to since April really, I've given the shop a massive makeover spring clean. before, the shop was a cocktail of different photos and aesthetics, mainly because they were taken by different people. so i've gone back and redone them all, well most of them now at least. i hope this has proven more tender for your eyes and facilitated your shopping experience. yeap!
if you have any kind of questions, don't be shy. you can contact me at:


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