Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer I: standard

this tank was originally meant to be for the shop, and i was all geared up to take photos of it.  it's a size uk 12-14 or something so i didn't even consider it for myself but i put it on and i couldn't believe it, it was a match made in heaven my friends. so naturally i couldn't say no to this wonderful vintage 70s tank top.
on my latest hunt i also found this gorgeous camel color leather suede jacket. i had been on the search for something like this for the summer so i was pretty thrilled to make it mine.
it seems so far the summer is looking pretty bright, promising and exciting. so exciting in fact, that i did a second take of this outfit, it's looking pretty bouncy my friends.
catch it here on Summer II: bouncy!

heads up! i just added twenty new items to the shop! they are looking pretty dope and fresh actually, go check it out. i will do a post of the this very soon. find all the goodness in my shop!

leather jacket: vintage
tank top: vintage
shorts: american apparel
sandals: etsy


1 comment:

  1. La chaqueta de gamuza es hermosa...
    <3 Un look muy fresco.
    Un beso.



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