Thursday, May 31, 2012


i was feeling pretty green.

sunglasses: 80s raybans
crochet tank: thrifted
skirt: h&m

Vade Mecum

I bought a Harry Potter inspired necklace from my friends shop called Vade Mecum! her lovely shop is steampunk inspired jewelry all one of a kind, handmade by her. I'm not one to buy jewelry, i don't wear it so much but when i saw the 'Golden Snitch' necklace i was bedazzled. and the 'snitch' is a locket, so you can open it and put a picture in it if you like. how could i say no to that! a truly original piece. for all you Harry Potter fans this is the necklace for you!

and if that wasn't enough, to my surprise i got another necklace as a gift! thank you Kara! a long key chain with a little virgin mary pendant resembling a rosary necklace.

for more Vade Mecum, visit her etsy shop.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer II: bouncy!

"bouncy, bouncy, ooh such a good time! bouncy, bouncy, somersault summertime!" - The Mighty Boosh

yes it was time i made one of these, it's too jolly and happy in the atmosphere to refuse a jumping photoshoot. in summer I: standard i gave you the down low on the outfit, the standard stuff, the standard poses, so i won't go into that.

since i am a one man band for the shop, the poses can get tedious, repetitive, tiring... so it was refreshing and awakening to use other muscles in my body for more acrobatic-like poses. i might try to take it to the next level on another shoot.

like in the episode of Howards birthday in 'The Mighty Boosh' i wish i had a bouncy castle so i can get down to some serious jumping and get some grade A poses. how cool would that be!

my favourite photos of this lot is the first two, the first one i look like i just casually elevated myself, and the second... god i have no words... my hair says it all!

Summer I: standard

this tank was originally meant to be for the shop, and i was all geared up to take photos of it.  it's a size uk 12-14 or something so i didn't even consider it for myself but i put it on and i couldn't believe it, it was a match made in heaven my friends. so naturally i couldn't say no to this wonderful vintage 70s tank top.
on my latest hunt i also found this gorgeous camel color leather suede jacket. i had been on the search for something like this for the summer so i was pretty thrilled to make it mine.
it seems so far the summer is looking pretty bright, promising and exciting. so exciting in fact, that i did a second take of this outfit, it's looking pretty bouncy my friends.
catch it here on Summer II: bouncy!

heads up! i just added twenty new items to the shop! they are looking pretty dope and fresh actually, go check it out. i will do a post of the this very soon. find all the goodness in my shop!

leather jacket: vintage
tank top: vintage
shorts: american apparel
sandals: etsy


Thursday, May 24, 2012


lax as in relax, lax is also swedish for salmon. i like the watercolour print on this blouse, and its great at catching the breeze.

chiffon blouse: thrifted
crop top: american apparel
shorts: vintage
sunglasses: 'start the bus' markets, bristol

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


we've been struck by a sudden heatwave in may, summer is upon us intensely! my body temperature is all in a jumble and my outfit choices... but nonetheless i am thoroughly enjoying this.
the key to this outfit was easy breezy, and the heatwave gave me a reason to finally pull out my floral cycling shorts which i hadn't had a chance to wear yet, i've got some ideas in the back of my mind of other ways to wear these cause i think they're bitching and they need a chance to shine in this world. so you'll probably see them again very soon but in a whole new light perhaps...

i've been hunting today so stay tuned for part II of our Oh May! finds.

white blouse: american apparel
crochet tank: thrifted
cycling shorts: weekday
jelly sandals: gift

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

knit overcast

everything is nearing, except the sun.

cardigan: gap
tank: 70s vintage
leggings: american apparel
socks: primark
sandals: etsy


my new sexies from etsy. such posers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

go with your gut, it's full of surprises

today i took like a million photos for the shop, it was a long and unpredictable process. the light kept shifting every two seconds so i had to keep changing the settings on the camera every two seconds! geez louise! but i'm pretty satisfied with the results. you can see what's ahead these coming days in our "Oh May!" album.
this is a 'did not think, just did' outfit. sometimes those tend to be the most satisfying, at least for me. because they're created on a whim, or created on impulse, the result is carefree. you should try it, it feels really good! i even drink from the "wtf?" looks i get from people, ah haters... you gotta love them!
on another note i took for a short spin my new vintage sandals i got on etsy. i love them!! i will try to get better shots of them on another occasion. they are adorable and easy and i think i could get away with wearing them with practically anything.

velvet neon top - thrifted
jacquard coat - thrifted
jeans - american apparel
sandals - etsy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

first brick

man you have no idea how excited i am that i get to wear this jacket again. it is my favourite jacket in the whole wide world! yeap the whole world! finally everything is as it should be. i mean i feel like the 'king of pop' with this thing you know what i mean. although i favour a murky grey any day over a bright red, MJ can keep the bright red, rest his soul.
talking about red i also finally get to wear my brick pleated pants, they're super comfy and light and just feel amazing on. actually if red is not your colour, brick is a perfect alternative.

i've been hunting for the shop today, brace yourselves now!
for frequent updates about the shop you can always check our facebook page.

80s jacket - vintage (bristol markets)
knitted button up - thrifted
pleated pants - american apparel
sunglasses & belt - american apparel
boots - style nanda

Monday, May 7, 2012

the shop - new & revisited

so May is in full force and hopefully lots of new items will be gracing the shop. i'll be doing a massive hunt tomorrow so brace yourselves! the lovely hawaiian floral top is now available for purchase, and i've revisited some old items. i've given them a fresh look and fresh photos, like this velvet paisley jacket and a few others.
updates and fresh photos has only been the continuation of what i've been up to since April really, I've given the shop a massive makeover spring clean. before, the shop was a cocktail of different photos and aesthetics, mainly because they were taken by different people. so i've gone back and redone them all, well most of them now at least. i hope this has proven more tender for your eyes and facilitated your shopping experience. yeap!
if you have any kind of questions, don't be shy. you can contact me at:


Saturday, May 5, 2012

from hawaii with love

sometimes certain outfits call for a certain place, a certain environment, as if to fulfill it's identity or purpose in some way. and this is the case with this outfit, it was just going to be your regular blouse snap shot but one thing led to the other and the next thing i knew, rather i felt, was very resort chic, free, bright and beaming! but then i remembered i was only in a room and the outfit felt unjustified, the outfit wanted to be in Hawaii, the outfit wanted to sit at the pool side while drinking a cocktail or stroll in and out of the boutiques and shops in Waikiki, and smoke a cigarette while watching the sunset.

how cruel am I, how cruel am I!

the outfit would write me a postcard saying "from Hawaii with love"

blouse - coming soon to eOvú
bow & shorts - American Apparel
wedges - Melissa


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