Saturday, May 12, 2012

go with your gut, it's full of surprises

today i took like a million photos for the shop, it was a long and unpredictable process. the light kept shifting every two seconds so i had to keep changing the settings on the camera every two seconds! geez louise! but i'm pretty satisfied with the results. you can see what's ahead these coming days in our "Oh May!" album.
this is a 'did not think, just did' outfit. sometimes those tend to be the most satisfying, at least for me. because they're created on a whim, or created on impulse, the result is carefree. you should try it, it feels really good! i even drink from the "wtf?" looks i get from people, ah haters... you gotta love them!
on another note i took for a short spin my new vintage sandals i got on etsy. i love them!! i will try to get better shots of them on another occasion. they are adorable and easy and i think i could get away with wearing them with practically anything.

velvet neon top - thrifted
jacquard coat - thrifted
jeans - american apparel
sandals - etsy

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