Saturday, April 28, 2012

don't get neon on me!

did a little 'neon' look for show me the look! being hosted by the lovely aminta from amintasfashion ! that girl will take you on a rollercoaster ride with her eclectic and unpredictable looks. her blog is a must see! and why not join in on one or all of the editions of 'show me the look!'
this neon extravaganza of a top is available for purchase in my itty bitty etsy shop. find it here!

top - the shop
jeans - american apparel
clutch - vintage
shoes - american apparel

Friday, April 27, 2012

when you miss the bus

chicken tandoori, coffee, poker and dirty records happens.
this was actually three days ago.

heads up! the giveaway winner will be announced in 3 days. you still have a chance to enter, just click here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

shop - lots of new & lots of updates

the shop has been undergoing quite a spring clean. i've recently just listed all the new items of the month, you can find the whole album for April HERE and i've also been doing a lot of photo updates!

a lot of the photos were old and mostly from lookbook photos, so i decided to keep some on the hanger (especially the ones that are not my size) and take photos of them like that to keep a clean and consistent look and focus more on detail shots so that shoppers can get more of a feel of the garment. so the shop will be looking more and more like the examples above. i hope you like the changes!

as for a lookbook i've been dying to do one for ages! but unfortunately at the moment i don't have the resources or equipment but hopefully in the summer there will be one popping up!

SALE SALE SALE my friends! we have a s a l e r a c k which include mostly old items and slightly defected items. and 20% off discount in the entire store! so at checkout 20% is deducted your entire order, but you need to add the discount code in the appropriate box. the discount code is EASTER. if you're new to buying on etsy and not sure what to do at checkout, just shoot me an email. 

or if you have any questions, all questions are welcome! write me at:

oh yes! the 20% off sale ends the 30th April and the GIVEAWAY competition! if you'd like the chance to win a giveaway of your choice from our shop join our event and follow the details.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

purple hazed birthday

so its been a whale of a time since i posted last. my apologies to those who like popping in on a regular basis. i've been busy cleaning up the shop and turning twenty five. yeap it's my birthday today! and this is my birthday outfit, i felt very jimi today but a toned down version of what he would wear, perhaps how he would have looked had he lived long enough to live through the 90s.

so i'm really stoked because i've got this giveaway competition going on on facebook for my shop, and it's a win a giveaway item of your choice! this is our first giveaway competition EVER so if you ladies & gents are interested please come and join us and just follow the details on how to participate.
click on GIVEAWAY ! good luck!

jeans-american apparel
boots-style nanda

Friday, April 6, 2012


 it snowed today! i'm sporting my new boots, i had been looking for boots like these aaaalllll autumn and aaaallll winter and found them until now. but the chilly weather gave them purpose to coexist with my outfit today.
i'm taking a trip with the fam to stockholm this weekend so i'll be listing the rest of the items before i go and extending the 20% off sale until monday! everything is very affordable at the moment, so if you like something check out the SHOP to get first dibs. i will also be re-listing old stuff that i think are suitable for the spring/summer seasons. have a lovely easter everyone!

shirt - etsy
scarf - H&M
belt & pants - american apparel
boots - thrifted

Thursday, April 5, 2012

shop - April Blooms

maxi tan skirt - now in the shop
pastel plaid golf shorts - now in the shop
silk olive green tank - tonight!
pastel yellow blazer - coming soon!
fruity cropped jacket - coming soon!
chinos - coming soon!
floral skirt - coming soon!
pastel pink blouse . now in the shop

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tabi so fine in eOvú

hey everyone! i'd like to introduce to you tabi electric , my good friend from bristol, uk and the mastermind behind DJ nights 'Girl's Club' and 'SexyTime' of bristol's indie nightlife. Tabi is a fan of eOvú Vintage and was my first follower here on my personal style blog, so from eOvú we sent her a little gift to say thank you! The lovely, exuberant tabi is wearing our 80's hieroglyphics print button up shirt tied up around the waist showing off her cute, wacky tattoos.
 To learn more about her crazy DJ night's, her tattoos, her lucid, novelic dreams and more visit her blog.

 and if you're down with our finds at eOvú have a look at some more one of a kind vintage tops.


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