Friday, April 6, 2012


 it snowed today! i'm sporting my new boots, i had been looking for boots like these aaaalllll autumn and aaaallll winter and found them until now. but the chilly weather gave them purpose to coexist with my outfit today.
i'm taking a trip with the fam to stockholm this weekend so i'll be listing the rest of the items before i go and extending the 20% off sale until monday! everything is very affordable at the moment, so if you like something check out the SHOP to get first dibs. i will also be re-listing old stuff that i think are suitable for the spring/summer seasons. have a lovely easter everyone!

shirt - etsy
scarf - H&M
belt & pants - american apparel
boots - thrifted

1 comment:

  1. What a throwback outfit. So very early to mid-90s. Love the pants. They're a great color and they complement the color of your blouse really well.



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