Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tabi so fine in eOvú

hey everyone! i'd like to introduce to you tabi electric , my good friend from bristol, uk and the mastermind behind DJ nights 'Girl's Club' and 'SexyTime' of bristol's indie nightlife. Tabi is a fan of eOvú Vintage and was my first follower here on my personal style blog, so from eOvú we sent her a little gift to say thank you! The lovely, exuberant tabi is wearing our 80's hieroglyphics print button up shirt tied up around the waist showing off her cute, wacky tattoos.
 To learn more about her crazy DJ night's, her tattoos, her lucid, novelic dreams and more visit her blog.

 and if you're down with our finds at eOvú have a look at some more one of a kind vintage tops.

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