Saturday, March 31, 2012


don't you just wish you had a 'curita' for your life sometimes? you just put it on when you're bleeding too much or to protect the cut from getting infected, and then you just take it off when it's all better.
'curita' means band-aid in spanish, or at least that's what they call them in El Salvador. the direct translation is 'little cure', in spanish we love to use the diminutive of words, i guess it adds a more personal touch.
in the first photo i'm staring at one i had on my thumb all day yesterday, sometimes i bite and bite and bite the skin around my nails so much i start bleeding and i can't make it stop unless i put a band-aid on it. it would be marvelous if this simple, practical solution could be applied to our lives.

chiffon blouse: American Apparel
crochet top: thrifted
acid wash jeans: Cheap Monday


  1. stunning!adore your style!

  2. Love your trouser! The color is so nice. I really need to get some shorts like this in summer. Where did you buy yours?

    xxx Magdalena



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