Tuesday, January 31, 2012

double take

Weekday knit cable sweater | Weekday cream turtle neck | American Apparel riding pants

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did i mention i bought another turtleneck? the basic need to keep warm is making me feel and look boring... i couldn't help noticing how nose my red looks.

inspiration - smashing Audrey!

I watched the 1964 film 'My Fair Lady' for the first time on Sunday. i ended up watching it twice due to my nap intermission, lately every time i put my head down i have a snooze. Despite the snooze Audrey is breathtaking in her performance, her cockney accent so wonderfully annoying, and the costumes, I was speechless. I loved all her gowns, the black and white one she wears to the races, the gown at the ball! she looked stunning! but oddly the outfit i liked looking at the most is the peach pink outfit she wears when she walks out on Higgins after his indifference towards all the hard work she'd done. that little pink cropped blazer is very very cute.

scenes from Warner Bros. 1964 film 'My Fair Lady'

Friday, January 27, 2012

new turtleneck

I can't remember when was the last time i wore a turtle neck, but i'm embracing them now cause i'm freezing my ass off all the time. This one is brand new from Cheap Monday, and the camel colour its oh so superb! The watch was a gift from my mum two Christmases ago, she loves everything nine west, I don't necessarily love nine west but this watch is undeniably gorgeous.

Cheap Monday turtleneck | Gap cardigan | American Apparel belt | American Apparel jeans | Nine West watch

yesterday while browsing through some blogs I stumbled upon this delight. these ladies got it going on, i gotta up my game here! i hope you guys enjoy as much i did!

"I think it's fun to dress up, it's an exercise in creativity..."

new finds coming soon to eOvúVintage

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

winter affair

French connection wool sweater | American Apparel high waisted jeans | Beyond retro vintage boots

finally posted the last order of the shop today. I had never had so many orders at once, it was a bit mental. went to cheap monday and did a little bit of shopping. i'm trying to refresh my wardrobe, it's looking kind of rusty. i'm debating on the whole pastel theme we seem to be going into, it could jazz up my wardrobe a little bit but i don't know if it'll do my skin tone any favours. we'll seeeee.......

- Daniela

Monday, January 23, 2012

Teddy & Jesus

hand made jewelery piece | Vintage fur coat | Zara lace cardigan | American Apparel riding pants

This is my fur coat teddy. My brand new vintage faux fur coat! I got it half off at the second hand store, without that 50% those prices are an outrage, second hand stores aren't as cheap as they use to be here. Anyway this coat is deliciously comfortable and warm, and right on time because it's gotten like 10 degrees colder, and there's snow now.
The first picture is my most cherished piece of jewelery at the moment, a friend from Bristol made it for me. I can't get over how beautiful it is, and how clever. I don't like to wear stuff around my neck that much, so its like she read my mind when she made it. And all the colours complement each other very well and the materials, it a very complete piece. I love it so much! Anyway, that was Teddy & Jesus for you, see you on the next post.


Oh by the way 50% off sale ends this friday in my etsy shop. for regular updates check our:


Friday, January 20, 2012

sunny side up

American Apparel flannel button up shirt | Vintage vest | Vintage belt | Karen Millen skirt | American Apparel tights.

 I always feel like I've reincarnated when I wake up in the morning and it's sunny out, feels so good baby! A friend once told me that he loves grey days (the kind you get all year round in England, murky, neutral and opaque) and hates the summer and sunny weather! I never understood that. clearly i was thinking about this before i chose my outfit.

So my etsy shop was a booming today. I made five sales in one day!!! that's never happened before so I'm celebrating a massive development here. A girl from Beverly Hills bought all these three lovely numbers, my three uber favourite blouses in the shop, of which two use to be mine, so I'm sad to see them go but I love this girl from Beverly Hills already. There will be a widget to the shop soon but first i have to figure out how to do it, i'm really really new to all this, so for now here's the link for ya:


blog virgin

vintage leather coat, american apparel velvet skirt, beyond retro boots

testing the waters... my first blog post ever!

so i'm a sucker for leather jackets. i'll show you my other ones when it starts to get warmer. this brown bad boy is not as warm as it looks, i've got to layer tons underneath it to confront the bitter winds of the island. and still the wind cuts through the layers. I went into town today and returned some shyte that I decided against for the mere fact that I found something better. I've been looking for a warmer coat and for boots with a good chunky heel but i'm on an excruciatingly tight budget so it's taken me ages! but alas I have found them and you will be seeing them soon if I've tickled your curiosity.

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