Friday, January 20, 2012

blog virgin

vintage leather coat, american apparel velvet skirt, beyond retro boots

testing the waters... my first blog post ever!

so i'm a sucker for leather jackets. i'll show you my other ones when it starts to get warmer. this brown bad boy is not as warm as it looks, i've got to layer tons underneath it to confront the bitter winds of the island. and still the wind cuts through the layers. I went into town today and returned some shyte that I decided against for the mere fact that I found something better. I've been looking for a warmer coat and for boots with a good chunky heel but i'm on an excruciatingly tight budget so it's taken me ages! but alas I have found them and you will be seeing them soon if I've tickled your curiosity.

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  1. finally girl!!! i'll be stalking you daily ;) xxx

  2. Wohooo!! Im following this right second .... Me encanta la foto borrosa :) ... felicidades !! hurraaaaaaaaaaaa



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