Monday, January 23, 2012

Teddy & Jesus

hand made jewelery piece | Vintage fur coat | Zara lace cardigan | American Apparel riding pants

This is my fur coat teddy. My brand new vintage faux fur coat! I got it half off at the second hand store, without that 50% those prices are an outrage, second hand stores aren't as cheap as they use to be here. Anyway this coat is deliciously comfortable and warm, and right on time because it's gotten like 10 degrees colder, and there's snow now.
The first picture is my most cherished piece of jewelery at the moment, a friend from Bristol made it for me. I can't get over how beautiful it is, and how clever. I don't like to wear stuff around my neck that much, so its like she read my mind when she made it. And all the colours complement each other very well and the materials, it a very complete piece. I love it so much! Anyway, that was Teddy & Jesus for you, see you on the next post.


Oh by the way 50% off sale ends this friday in my etsy shop. for regular updates check our:



  1. Me encanta el broche Daniela!! Se ve que hace mucho frío aqui por lo menos hace un poco de sol :) .. te mando un abrazo cálido

    1. gracias bella! si derrepente empezo hacer frio!!! gracias por el abrazo caliento :) besos!

  2. O_O wat an outfit!!!! girl u so amazementfull xxx



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