Friday, January 20, 2012

sunny side up

American Apparel flannel button up shirt | Vintage vest | Vintage belt | Karen Millen skirt | American Apparel tights.

 I always feel like I've reincarnated when I wake up in the morning and it's sunny out, feels so good baby! A friend once told me that he loves grey days (the kind you get all year round in England, murky, neutral and opaque) and hates the summer and sunny weather! I never understood that. clearly i was thinking about this before i chose my outfit.

So my etsy shop was a booming today. I made five sales in one day!!! that's never happened before so I'm celebrating a massive development here. A girl from Beverly Hills bought all these three lovely numbers, my three uber favourite blouses in the shop, of which two use to be mine, so I'm sad to see them go but I love this girl from Beverly Hills already. There will be a widget to the shop soon but first i have to figure out how to do it, i'm really really new to all this, so for now here's the link for ya:


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