Saturday, April 21, 2012

purple hazed birthday

so its been a whale of a time since i posted last. my apologies to those who like popping in on a regular basis. i've been busy cleaning up the shop and turning twenty five. yeap it's my birthday today! and this is my birthday outfit, i felt very jimi today but a toned down version of what he would wear, perhaps how he would have looked had he lived long enough to live through the 90s.

so i'm really stoked because i've got this giveaway competition going on on facebook for my shop, and it's a win a giveaway item of your choice! this is our first giveaway competition EVER so if you ladies & gents are interested please come and join us and just follow the details on how to participate.
click on GIVEAWAY ! good luck!

jeans-american apparel
boots-style nanda

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