Friday, February 24, 2012

nanda is in my life now

  i got myself a pair of hunky chunky boots. i feel like a waited a couple of full moons for these when in reality it was just couple of weeks...  i'm gon be wearing them with everything now! Cheers Nanda! stuff has been selling fast in the shop, so don't be shy, get your favourite item before it's too late... hmmm..hmmm!

turtleneck: Weekday 
blouse: American Apparel
disco pants: American Apparel
socks: American Apparel
boots: Style Nanda


  1. Super cool, grungy outfit. Love the sheer blouse. I've been searching high and low for one just like it.

  2. Hello, maybe you could help me. I'm thinking in buy these boots but I'm not sure about the size (and the website doesn't help very much) I'm 6 or 7 in UK(depending of the type of the shoe) Do you know which size is in these boots? I'm sorry about my English, I'm from Spain. Thanks in advance!!!!

    1. no hay problema, yo hablo español. las tallas en korea es lo que mide el pie en centimetros. yo soy talla UK 3 entonces compre la talla 235.
      talvez esto te ayuda:



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