Thursday, February 2, 2012

music is my aeroplane

Right yesterday i had planned to do a photoshoot of my new finds which never happened, i ended up falling asleep while reading at around 7pm! i started this swimming class yesterday which totally wiped me out, two minutes into my 'Game of Thrones' adventure and i was out like a light. so today is the day, woke up with 'Road Trippin' by the chili's in my head which then lead me to 'Aeroplane' the first song i ever heard of the Chili Peppers. this boy in my class use to sing it all the time when i was in... it must of been 5th or 6th grade, and eventually it became our little anthem song. we all felt so cool. This is my gear up for the photoshoot.

- Daniela


  1. I love The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Generic I know, but their music always reminds me of California!

    1. i wish i could say the same, but i've never been to california... :(



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